Life is precious

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Over the last year, we’ve all become a little more aware that life is precious. Time with family is even more special. We spent many hours away from loved ones over the last 15 months. But I think many relationships grew over that time frame. We learned how to communicate in other ways when we couldn’t be face to face. Thank Goodness for technology right? We learned to FaceTime and Zoom. I know many families who visited more through the pandemic than they ever had before.

Let’s finish 2021 strong. Take the time to call a friend or a relative. Make time to go have lunch. Celebrate the small things and the big things.

This family was so incredible to be around. They laughed and shared in all of the festivities surrounding a first birthday. Family was the center of this Photoshoot. 4 generations together to celebrate one little guy!

Take time to celebrate your family. Schedule a family photo shoot with me and have time stand still for just a little while. When you “Remember the Moments” with RTM by Erica…you have moments that last a lifetime.


50 Years

January 29, 2021

Wedding milestones are monumental. I had the incredible honor to photograph this couple. They’ve been married over 50 years now. We celebrated every moment during their photoshoot. This couple can brighten anyone's day. It was an absolute privilege to learn about how they met, when they got married, and the wonderful family they raised.

This sweet couple married right here in Arlington. We visited the downtown church where they said “I do”. They talked about the day as if it was yesterday. To watch them peek in the windows of the church and to talk about their wedding day was like I had a front row seat to this special day. The laughter and love between them was an absolute joy for me to capture.  "Remember the Moments" and cherish every minute of it. 


Big Name Labels

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Anyone else remember wanting a pair of Guess jeans? Oh to have a pair of jeans with the cool little triangle on the back pocket. But the price tag!!!  As a kid, you want what the cool kids have. You want the “branding” on your wardrobe. The jeans, the shoes, the purse! But what about having twice as many clothes without the label. What about 2 pairs of shoes for the price of one? Why not. The off brand labels last just as long and let’s face it...most of the time, no one notices.




Like clothing, photographers have their own branding. There are name brand large industry companies that have bells and whistles inside their studios. They create beautiful photos, but often with a huge price tag. As I started my photography business, the designer label was my competition.  Let's face it...they still are. 




I created RTM by Erica as an alternative to big brand photography. I kept hearing parents and senior students saying that they weren’t having portraits done due to the cost. They needed a photographer to capture the memories they so desperately wanted, but with an affordable price tag. A photo shoot with RTM by Erica includes full attention by me. I like to change the backdrop when I can, so we will move a little bit throughout the park or location of choice. You will have numerous poses included in your digital portfolio. And you won’t have to choose! They are all yours! And...fully edited without extra fees. I don’t carry the big logo, but give me a try! I love getting to know the families that I photograph.  I love witnessing those shy smiles when I first start photographing.  As I spend more time with them, I finally capture that perfect look that says it all. 




You will smile at your photos and you will have money left over to go have dinner.












Remember the Moments

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I have been reminded this week, why I do photography. I first started my business because it was my passion and love. I loved capturing the moment that would be remembered in print forever.

As time went on, I tried to grow my business and push to become what others were. I increased prices to compete in the market. I added galleries and choices of prints to my package. As I tried new things, I lost why I truly created RTM by Erica.

I created my business for those that couldn’t afford great pictures. The families that wanted Senior Portraits, but couldn’t afford the fancy studios. I wanted to capture that special smirk or smile that makes parents say...”That’s it”

So I had the wonderful opportunity to capture sweet family pictures last spring. 4 generations of family that came together because 2 people fell in love! This week that family lost one of those loves ones. They now have those photos to cherish and remember him.

Milam (27)Milam (27) That’s why I photograph. That’s why I created RTM by Erica, because after all the original name was Remember the Moments by Erica.


Awe, I like that one

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As my oldest daughter entered high school, my husband and I became super involved with the drill team.  I fell in love with football season and halftime!! How could you not love photographing sparkles!!!

Time after time, I would photograph a young girl, and I would immediately hear “Mrs Graves, I don’t like being in pictures.”   They would share their insecurities...they didn’t like their smile, their size, their hair.  

But game after game, I continued to photograph these energetic girls dressed in red sparkles cheering and dancing for their football team!!!! Finally one asked me if they could see the picture I just took!  I had to say yes!!!! This young girl finally saw her pictures as beautiful!!!! 

I had a new mission in photography!!! To make everyone feel beautiful in their pictures!   It’s not magic… it’s just helping people realize their inner beauty!!!