50 Years

January 29, 2021
Wedding milestones are monumental. I had the incredible honor to photograph this couple. They’ve been married over 50 years now. We celebrated every moment during their photoshoot. This couple can brighten anyone's day. It was an absolute privilege to learn about how they met, when they got married, and the wonderful family they raised. This sweet...
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big name labels

October 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Anyone else remember wanting a pair of Guess jeans? Oh to have a pair of jeans with the cool little triangle on the back pocket. But the price tag!!! As a kid, you want what the cool kids have. You want the “branding” on your wardrobe. The jeans, the shoes, the purse! But what about having twice as many clothes without the label. What about 2 pairs...
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Remember the Moments

October 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
I have been reminded this week, why I do photography. I first started my business because it was my passion and love. I loved capturing the moment that would be remembered in print forever. As time went on, I tried to grow my business and push to become what others were. I increased prices to compete in the market. I added galleries and choices of...
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Awe, I like that one

February 01, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
As my oldest d aughter entered high school, my husband and I became super involved with the drill team. I fell in love with football season and halftime!! How could you not love photographing sparkles!!! Time after time, I would photograph a young girl, and I would immediately hear “Mrs Graves, I don’t like being in pictures.” They would share the...
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How it all got started

June 14, 2019  •  Leave a Comment
How it all got started It all got started many years ago with just an afternoon of family pictures. After traveling to Pennsylvania to visit family, we decided to take a few photos. My daughter had a new pink dress with white lacy socks and white patent shoes. I was just hoping to get a really great picture before she lost all interest. Let’s just...
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